Friday, June 18, 2010

Busy week!

Don and I are so proud of our oldest child Danielle. She Graduated from High School on Sunday. I have mixed feelings on her graduation. I am so excited for her future and for all of her wonderful accomplishments, however I am mourning the loss of her childhood. I know she will do great things. She is going into Music Education and is bound for Eastern IL. University in the fall. She will make a wonderful teacher. She is so good with kids and is very patient.

On Friday June 13th, she and her boyfriend Nate attended her Sr. Prom. The prom was the start of the very exciting and memorable weekend for the Graduating class of 2010 of Willowbrook High School.

Danielle and her wonderful friends are a very close bunch and I think it is safe to say, they will remain close for years to come.

Congratulations to the Willowbrook High School Class of 2010!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bee Love!

BEEing that it is summer now...I a smitten with the fun but hard working Bumble Bee. While "Etsy Cruising", I came upon several fun Bee needs. :)
Top left: Bee e-pattern for a just adorable Pillowcase dress for any of the toddler sizes from etsy shoppe
Top right: yes, it is my own Bumble Bee Bliss Bracelet. I have several of these in my etsy
Bottom left: a set of 5 Bumble Bee Robot Note Cards. Available at
Bottom right: For a baby shower I thiught this adorable Bee Diaper Case would steal the show. Available at

Happy Summer!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The kids first day of Summer Vacation!

picture by: danielleferreira

FINALLY! The kids are free to enjoy summer! Yesterday marked the last day of final exams and now they can swim, fish, canoe, hike, camp, bike, create, build, play at the park, and enjoy their very well deserved time off.

Happy Summer Vacation!