Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stay on Budget for your Next Party

How to: Stay on Budget for your Next Party

     So you’re in the midst of party preparations – the invitations are sent, the theme is set – but you’re perilously over your budget. Panicking does no good and notably cuts the fun of throwing a  party in the first place. Instead, sit down and re-examine your priorities.

Summertime Celebrations

Don’t sacrifice style to save money. Instead, re-work your creative ideas to make them suit your budget. Trade out a shrimp cocktail appetizer for a Caesar salad garnished with shrimp.
Let friends be friends
If they volunteer to bring dessert or a veggie tray, let them! That’s what friends are for!
Be your own florist
Floral arrangements can make a significant dent in your overall party budget, so do it yourself! Arrange your favorite grocery store flowers, or mingle daisies with greens from your own yard. Not only will you save money, but you will also create a one-of-a kind arrangement.
Borrow what you don’t have
Plan your menu early on to give yourself plenty of time to round up baskets, platters, tablecloths, extra silverware, chairs, and whatever else your party requires.
Buy in bulk
Whether you’re planning a large-scale shindig or a casual get-together, it’s worth your while to purchase items such as paper products, ice, beverages, and other food items at discount warehouse stores. The cost per unit is often much lower; just make sure to only buy items you’ll be able to use without waste.
There’s no party like a Longaberger Party!