Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just Gotta Do it

I am almost done with my shopping this year. I do have a couple of last minute items to pick up. I have tried very hard to avoid the malls this year and to this point, I have not set foot in one., for one item, I have no choice.

With my spend less- enjoy more attitude this past year, it literally has been about 12 months since I have been in a mall. I don't even know what stores are still in business in the mall. There was a time when the kids were small and still in a stroller that we would venture to the mall for an ice cream cone in the winter to pass the day. But as the kids have gotten older and busier...we have not had much need to waste precious time and money there.

With a reluctant heart, I must venture into the enemy territory. I will go with my blinders on. I will go for what I need and nothing more. To this point I am coming in below my holiday budget. I am so proud of myself and I do not want to blow it on this one step into the mall. I am planning my entrance and my exit strategy so as to alleviate any temptation to spend unnecessarily.

I will let you know how I do. Wish me luck.

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