Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things You Can Do In 1 Minute or Less

You just found out someone is coming over and you don't know where to start picking up the mess in the house! We've all been there. Scrambling to make it look like we are the most "with-it" people in the planet. HA!

We seem to live with the pile next to the phone, or the stack of bills on the counter, without really seeing- them until someone comes over. Putting them away takes just seconds, yet we ignore them.

Letting things clutter my home makes me feel disorganized...even if I KNOW where everything is. So why do I let things pile up? **Rule of thumb: Only handle it ONCE!

Lots of easy things to do can make a real difference in the way you feel about your home. Short on time? Here are things you can do that take 1 minute or less:

1. Turn on some fun music

2. Wipe the crubs off the table

3. Carry a basket and take things to rooms they belong in

4. Reply to an e-mail

5. Water a plant...before it is too late!

6. Put papers to be filed in a basket. Later, take basket to file papers in file cabinet.

7. Empty the trash can

8. Change the TP roll

9. Wipe spots off the mirror

10. Gather empty dishes, and take back to the kitchen

11. Put your plate in the dishwasher

12. Swish a brush around the toilet bowl

13. Hangs towels up...don't drop them on the floor.

14. Sweep the kitchen floor

15. Toss junk mail as you sort the mail

16. Put a basket with your errand supplies by the door so you are ready to go

17. Toss dirty laundry in the landry basket NOT on the floor.

18. Use the last of something? Add it to the grocery list.

19. Put shoes away

20. Give someone a hug!

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