Sunday, October 17, 2010

Longaberger Gets Around!

I wanted to share with you a favorite new product we just introduced. Here are some great ideas!

Our new wrought iron round server is bound to become a favorite of everyone who gives it a try and it is only $25.00!!!!

Check out all the uses---- I think you will decide, like me that you HAVE to have this to enhance the products you already own as well as to pick up some new things to use with it! The Holidays are coming, this would make a Great Gift!!!!
Why not find 7 friends who want to buy the round server and the butcher block shelf , or possibly a candle and you would have a 350.00 show. You would receive 2- 1/2 price items and 50.00 in FREE products.

Just forward this link to them, and let them drool over all these photos and products while on their computer-- you be the hostess without even cleaning your house.
Don't think you can put together a show, and still want to order. Just let me know and I would be happy to order for you!

Just e-mail me!

Wrought Iron Round Server $25 & WoodCrafts Butcher Block Shelf $25
Round can do so many things! And at such a great price..check out the ideas and pictures below

Pair the Wrought Iron Server with the butcher block shelf and the Bronze Leaf Hurricane Holder holding a bottle of wine and you're partying in STYLE.

Serves as a cooling rack for your fresh baked Apple Pie, breads and cookies. Great serving solution for a hot pie plate on your table....the handles makes it easy to carry and serve from with no burnt fingers.

Create a fun centerpiece for any time of the year with the Wrought Iron Round Server and it makes perfect 'scents' to include Longaberger's candles to complete the look!

Buttercream Vanilla, Warm Apple Pie, Cinnamon Roll, Juicy Pear (pictured), Sea Side, Cinnamon Spice Cider, Peppermint, Evergreen Orange, Maple Pumpkin Butter Grande Jar Candle $25
Buttercream Vanilla, Warm Apple Pie, Sea Side, Cinnamon Spice Cider, Peppermint, Evergreen Orange, Maple Pumpkin Butter

The Wrought Iron Server makes a lovely one piece server/organizer for your table...salt and pepper and cream and sugar all together!

The Round Server can serve round and square items too! PLUS oval...just look how great the round server is with our Medium Oval Casserole dish.

Lovely for use all around the house !

Additional Pottery that partners with the Round Server: Dinner Plates, Buffet Bowl, Vegetable Bowl, retired 2 quart Casseroles.

And it doesn't discriminate against 'square'! - Soft Square Serving Bowl, 8x8 Baking Dish, Soft Square Luncheon Plates

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