Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday!

I WILL NOT fall for the Black Friday craziness.

Instead I will sit at my computer in the comfort of my own home and leisurely start my Holiday shopping with a nice cup of tea. :)

My first stop in cyber land so far, was JC  They had some great specials starting last night on some must have pieces of clothing that my kids desperately needed and Free shipping!

After that I browsed for the free shipping and extra 15% off of the Black Friday Specials.  A couple of gifts were picked up for my hubbie and my boys.

My last stop and most productive shopping trip was to  I managed to pick up some wonderful Black Friday specials like these beautiful Holiday Longaberger Dishes.  they were 65% OFF!
I also picked up this really cute Santa's Belly Basket Set at the site on sale! 

I am enjoying this Holiday Shopping season without all the running around and fighting with others over a silly trinket.  The spirit is in me, and I aim not to lose it by getting in a traffic jam and then NOT coming home with the thing which I ventured out for. 

Happy shopping!  What was your best purchase this weekend?

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