Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Perfect Easter Basket!

This just in...

Longaberger is sharing with us a beautiful basket online this Wednesday.

The Round Potluck Basket in Spring Colors.

This is the same basket being used at the
White House Easter Egg Hunt this year!
This beautiful Basket could also be used to pass bread or rolls at the Easter table, or it could hold plastic ware rolled in napkins on the picnic table.

I will use mine for holding the crocet project I hve been working on FOREVER!

Is there a new baby in the family? Use this Basket to hold the little stuff like booties, socks, onesies or even all the chewie toys!

How about on the kitchen counter filled with fruit, to remind you and the family to choose a Healthy treat?

So many great ideas for this Basket...How will you use yours?

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