Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Illinois Earthquake

I MUST sleep like a rock...
...this morning the western suburbs of Chicago experienced an earthquake of a 3.0 magnitude and several aftershock at about 4:00am. The epicenter was only about 30 miles from my home, and I did not feel a thing, although it seems everyone else did.
My daughter said it woke her up because her bed was shaking. She said the things on her dresser were rattling as well. Funny thing is...she could not explain it after the fact, so she just went back to sleep. I find it funny that she did not bother to wake either my husband or myself up to make sure everything was OK. If I had thought the ground was shaking under me, I would have been a nervous wreck...not her!
Too funny!
Did you feel the earth shake this morning?

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