Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Longaberger Bonus Buys Today Only!

Weds. February 10th, Longaberger is featuring 2 beautiful baskets at a fantastic price!
That is 40% off of the catalog price!
This basket is perfect for Mail, magazines, books file folders school papers or a small lap top computer. I use mine for scrapbook and rubber stamping supplies. I think it would be great too for holding bread, or snacks. My kids have another one is the basement for their video games and accessories. So many uses!
The Chestnut Medium Oval Diamond basket is also on sale Weds. only for only $32!
That is over 30% off!
The Oval Diamond Basket is great for serving salad, popcorn, chips and sliced bread. I think in the summer, barbecue condiments would be easy to carry to the table in this basket. Plasticware rolled in napkins and layed in the basket is perfect for the outdoor meal. My daughter uses one for her knitting, and crocet supplies and projects "in the works". I think it would be great with the protector, to serve shrimp with a 1 pt. salt crock in the middle for coctail sauce, or smae idea...chips and dip!

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