Monday, April 5, 2010

Morton Arboretum

Friday, the weather was 81 degrees and breezy. My son Nicky and I decided to take a field trip to the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL. A mere 5 miles from our house. The expansive natural area makes you feel as though you are in the middle to the most secluded part of the country...certainly not the Chicago suburbs!
This season's attraction is the Steelroots sculptures. There are 15 dramatic sculptures of abstract root forms set amongst the 22 -acres of Conifers. You can touch them, picnic amongst them, and enjoy the beauty of them up close.

This is one of the largest Steelroots sculptures at the Arboretum. Notice the "little one" running under it. The sheer size of these scultures make you realize the wonderful network of root systems under the ground keeping our trees and shrubs healthy.

Other "upcycled" scultures make use of old pipes and sprockets. This one my son named the sea anemone.

Nicky likes to check things out up close and personal.
Here he nearly slips and falls in the creek.

These little blue flowers were EVERYWHERE in the park. Beautiful!

The magnolias were blooming early this Spring as well.
We were oly able to see a fraction of the Arboretum in the 4 hours we were there. I know we will return to explore more of the hundreds of acres throughout the summer.


  1. Wow, love the photo of the sculpture with the little guy running through it. It really shows the massive size. 4 hours? wow..

  2. We need to go there. Can you believe we have never been there? Dumb huh - thanks for sharing! Great pics!