Thursday, April 7, 2011

My List Update

Do you all remember my April Resolution List I made last year?
To refresh you memory, here it is again...

My List:...and how I have managed to do this past year...

1. Start exercising regularly...OK, so I have not exercised too regularly, I have gotten better about making the effort, but I will try to get better about this one.
2. Sew some things for my home, myself, and my family...I have sewn some cute pillows for the family room and have made some table runners for the change of seasons, and I have even started to teach myself how to crochet.  I feel progress has been made with this resolution!  (Yea me!)
3. Have my sewing machine "tuned up" so sewing will be less of a chore...Yes!  Last May I did have my machine tuned up...otherwise I could not have made my new sewing projects!
4. Visit family more often...I have made significant progress with is goal.  I even was able to meet up with and visit my aunts and uncles in Utica, IL last summer.  (Starved Rock State Park)  Since they all live in different parts of the country, I thought this was a great opportunity to reconnect with them and it felt sooooo good.  :)  I have a "Kick a_ _" cool family!
5. Plant my veggie garden and actually "tend" it!  I did it!  I had so many tomatos, and zucchinis, I didn't know what to do with them!
6. Preserve some of the bounty of my garden...I am still finding recipes for this goal, I did, however make TONS of marinara sauce with all of those tomatoes and lots of zucchini bread that I froze and enjoyed throughout the winter :)
7. Plant a wildflower garden in the "way-back" of the yard...A work in progress...I plan to divide some of the plants I managed to propagate and make my wildflower garden bigger.
8. Learn to take better photos...epic FAIL!  I think I will need to get a new camera, mine is just not cooperating lately.  My son's $65 camera seems to take better pictures than my "fancy" one. :(
9. Brush up on my Spanish..FAIL again.  I need to have my kids help me with this one.  They need to MAKE me talk to them in Spanish and then correct me when I mess up.  They just laugh at me.
10. Be more organized!  I think I have improved.  This will always be a work in progress.
11. Spend "quality" time with my family.  YES!  With our swimming schedule as it is, we do get lot of time to be together and we love it! 

I think overall, I have made great strides on my list.  I will continue to work on it and plan to add a few more goals to it this spring and summer.  I'll keep you posted.  Do you have any nagging goals for this year?


  1. Good for you Jeannine... Keep it up !!!! Oh if you ever need help with photo or learn to take better photo let me know... I am here to help...