Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sweet Deal!

Enjoy This Sweet Deal!
This great offer is for more than cake!

*Makes serving up side dishes easy and fun!

*Great size Pan for preparing smaller fruit and vegetable trays. 

*Heat and serve tortillas for your next fiesta. 

*Create a nice welcome for guests when you add lotion, soap, shampoo, bubble bath and more. 

*Perfect for upcoming bridal showers and wedding gifts. Encourage those who purchase to write a special message to the happy couple on the unglazed bottom of the pan with a permanent marker. 

*Include your favorite recipe and give it as a gift to a special woman in your life. 

*Buy a set of 2 Pans to make a double-layer cake.

Order your own beautiful Woven Traditions Cake Pan on
Weds. April 6th here.

Here are some other ideas for this very practical piece!...

You may ask yourself, "Self, if I choose to bake a cake in this pan, how am I going to mix up"?
Order your own Longaberger Batter Bowl on Tuesday here!

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