Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn Garden Clean-up

Ok...It has been a gorgeous fall day. The temps have finally reached 60 degrees and I took the time to get outside and clean up a bit. What to do...what to do? I checked out HGTV to see where to start. Here was my game plan:

I started where I could see progress right away...the grass. I mowed and bagged all the leaves. They are ready for pick up. Yea! One thing done...

Since most of the perennials are already "past their peak", I cut them back and added some mulch to protect the roots. As I cut them I took a bamboo stick and marked where each plant was. Makes for easier planning in the spring. I did leave some of the cone flowers so there is some winter interest in the garden, once the snow falls. Yea! Two things done...

I did not plant very many annuals this year as in previous years I have been adding a few perennials to the garden. Those I did have, I pulled. In areas where the garden is sheltered by the house, I merely cut them back and marked them the same as I did with the perennials. In years past, some varieties of annuals have come back the next year in these sheltered areas. Yea! Three things done...

Well, the vegetable garden was next...truthfully, it is NOT done. :( I did pull out all the "crispy" vines and "floppy" plants. Weeding though, is going to have to wait for another day...not enough time in the day to weed all of the garden. It has gotten away from me here late in the summer. Still... Three and a half things done...

Since I am exhausted from all the work today and the wonderful fresh air...I am done for this day. My next day off of work, I plan to finish weeding the vegetable garden, cut down and share some of my perennial Sun Flowers, winter fertilize the grass, and add mulch to the perennial garden. On still another day, I plan to prune all the neglected trees and shrubs. They have not been pruned in 3 years...since the Cicada invasion in our area.

I always love to spend the day outside "playing" in my yard when the weather is nice. I get my exercise, and my yard looks fabulous!

I hope to finish my yard list in the next week. Next, I want to paint my house. More on that in another blog. Enjoy your yard!


  1. Boy you got a lot done today... only thing I did garden related was to bring in my x-mas cactus for the winter......I added little bit of dirt... does that count?

  2. Of course it does! Today...I did nothing in the yard...kinda gloomy to go out. I baked instead! :)