Thursday, January 21, 2010


For Christmas, my hubbie ordered the new Barnes and Noble nook e-reader for me. It was on back order at the time, and I just received in on Tuesday! I love it! I most certainly am NOT a "Techy" but, this thing is really COOL! I do love the feeling of an actual book in my hands, but the convenience of being able to have the choice of over 1500 books to read in my purse is a huge draw for me. The books are only about 1/2 price to download too! (Even the new releases)
I am big into reading lately. I drive my kids to their activities and practices and sit there waiting for them to finish for hours. Instead of shopping while they practice, I have been reading. I will tell you that not having to hold the e-reader while sitting or "lounging" on the bleachers is great! I set it down and hit the button to turn the page. I can read it at any angle and it does not flop shut when I put it down.
Downloading is a snap! In my home I have a wireless router that connects with the nook, but if I am out and about and want to download a new book, I merely need to click "connect" on the touchscreen, and it picks up a 3G connection for FREE, and the entire Barnes and Noble library is at my disposal. So convenient, and no wires!
I can even share my favorite book with a friend, just like a "real" book! I choose the book I want to share, and send it to a friend's nook. They are free to read it for 14 days before it reverts back to my nook. How cool is that!?

It is easy to read, and I am really enjoying the fun of taking it with me everywhere! I could purchase really cool carrying cases at Barnes and Noble, but I plan on making something really chic for it soon. I will save that for another blog. :)
Check out this link for more information...nook.


  1. Did I mention it has an Mp3 palyer too? Listen to music while you read...I can't do that but I am sure my kids could.