Sunday, November 29, 2009

Enjoying the holidays- no stress!

I am soooo not organized for Christmas this year. I think I am going to just "show up" for it.

I am buying for those that I really need to buy for. I want to have fun this Christmas. I don't want to spend extra money I will just fret over after the holidays. I will gather with my friends and family and enjoy the holidays, the way I think they were meant to be enjoyed.

In many years past, people did not make "perfect" arrangements, or worry about who spent the most money on a gift. They enjoyed a few days off of work, and spend time with those they loved. That was the best gift of all.

I don't want want to forget the true meaning of Christmas this year. I have felt this way in years past, but got caught up in the "we have to do this for it to be Christmas" attitude. Not this year. I will not be distracted by all of the preparations, and I WILL enjoy the holiday. I swear!

This year I am skipping the stress... I am having fun with the things that matter to OUR FAMILY. Traditions that we WANT to carry on. I think it may be the best Christmas ever!

I am keeping things simple this year. We will think about how Holidays in the past were celebrated, and focus on the simplicity of baking a pumpkin pie in my favorite pie plate, baking cookies for my kids, and decorating the house so when the holidays are over, I do not regret doing so in the first place.

I am looking forward to Christmas more this year, than in years past. I really am!

Is anyone else taking a "less is more" approach to the holidays this year?


  1. Great post! We too are having a "simple" Christmas. I'm tired of the media hype and over commercialization.