Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Go Green Use A Basket!

As we all strive to become environmentally conscious, I have come to realize that our ancestors "got-it" long before us. They did not use Paper or plastic bags at the market. They used environmentally friendly and sustainable items like wooden baskets. Don't use paper or plastic, go Basket!

I have just ordered this beautiful hardwood maple Large Market basket for my grocery shopping. Why should I use the store's small plastic basket when I can use my own?

The best part, is when I am not using it for groceries, I can use it for holding toys, kindling, craft projects, magazines, guest towels, or poolside.
I could use it to hold newspapers, games, hanging folders, telephone books or cook books.
It makes a great Library basket, knitting basket, quilting or crocheting basket.
Oh, and with the holidays coming, don't forget it makes a great basket to carry small gifts to their destination!

It has 2 swinging handles, sage green accents and a reinforced bottom for "super strength". It is 16"l X 11.25"w X 8.63" h and can hold up to 30 pounds! I would give out before the basket does!

Since this basket is Sale priced today Weds. Nov. 11th only, I suggest you get yours now. OR, you could wait until tomorrow, and pay $30 more. Just a thought.

Don't miss out on a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful basket!

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