Monday, November 2, 2009

Need a Tissue?

Everyone I know seems to be getting sick. The change in weather brings on the common cold but others are getting the s_ _ _e Flu. I have managed to avoid it for the moment. (I am knocking on my hardwood maple baskets as I speak.) Good transition because...this Weds. Nov. 4th, Longaberger is having a sale on the Tall Tissue basket and Lid.

This basket can solve your gift-giving, decorating or storage solution dilemmas. Here are a few things I have found to use this handy basket for:

*Utensil caddy
*Pens, pencils, desktop organizer
*Scissors, rulers
*Snack basket- chips, pretzels, nuts
*Combs, brushes
*Bread sticks
*Holds rolled fingertip towels in the guest bathroom
*Keeps remote controls and game controllers handy
*Keeps envelopes, postcards and stamps at your fingertips
*Even makes a beautiful planter with a protector.

How can you live without this!?

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