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Online Exclusive on Every Day Baskets in our Signature Weave

Cracker Basket Ideas

Sits on kitchen counter to hold fresh tomatoes... best kept out of the fridge
Fits in the fridge to hold washed grapes. Small rectangular footprint takes less space that's unique to hold many things, in or out of the fridge!
Organize flatware and utensils in kitchen drawers
Organize pens, pencils and rulers inside the desk
Organize art and craft supplies... see-thru protectors are especially helpful!
Keep remote controls handy by your favorite chair
Envelopes stand ready to address on the desk
Catch hair brushes and combs, or everyday jewelry, on the vanity top
Flatware on the buffet rolled in napkins... we have napkins, too... coordinate with fabric liner!
The perfect shape to serve breadsticks, biscotti, chocolate-covered pretzel sticks, and large peppermint sticks at Christmas... switch to a seasonal fabric liner!
Roll out the ritz... holds one roll of crackers right out of the box; also a charming cookie server

A beautiful and useful gift. Fill Cracker Basket with:
Wooden spoons for the baker or cutlery for the salad maker

For crafters: beads to string, sewing notions and other small things

Small office supplies for teachers and employee gifts

Lay in small jelly jars in a row and give with a large box of crackers

Home-baked cookies are always a treat, or simply put a small box of crackers or cookies right in the basket

Bread Basket Ideas

Hold toilet paper on back of toilet tank
Hold up to 30 music or computer CD’s, Nintendo Cartridges
Bread, baked potatoes
Organizer for hair spray, gels, etc. on top of the toilet tank
Use as a bathroom or office organizer with three Tea Protectors
Hold baby food jars or other food items in the pantry
Foil and plastic wrap caddy
Turn protector upside down on top of the basket to keep flies away
Curling iron and dryer
Holds TV Guide and remotes
Use for address files
Microwave popcorn packages
Use in the bathroom to hold extra hand towels, roll of tissue and a bag of potpourri
Organize cosmetics
Roll of paper towels fits perfectly on its side
Put on back of toilet to hold extra toilet paper roll and a square box of tissues

Cake Basket Ideas

Delivering cookies and bread to neighbors
Use as a salad bowl with the protector inside
Holds extra kitchen dish towels
Carry a picnic lunch for two
Holds snacks and juice boxes in the car
A last minute hiding spot for junk on the counter
24 cupcakes or other snacks/treats to school
Have a class of students sign one and give it to the teacher
Have a family sign one for the bride and groom, or grandkids sign one for grandma
Use to pass out Halloween or Christmas treats
Holds party favors
Punch bowl with protector
Bill/Mail Basket
Store sample size shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, etc. as well as razor blade, nail file, etc.
Carry quilting supplies
Great to carry "projects" and reading material to all those places where we find ourselves "waiting"
Fast food drink tray on bottom with food sitting on top - much easier to carry
Put 5 rolls of toilet paper in with the lid on top...on the floor of the bathroom
Carry casseroles easily
Use for carrying a cheese cake with an ice pack under the riser and the lid on top-keeps the cheese cake cold for hours
Paint the riser w/ a checkerboard pattern, Throw in a bag of checkers - great travel gift
Holds legos
Store books or cookbooks
On top of the fridge with a selection of after-school snacks
Store breads, rolls, muffins etc with or without the lid
Use as an overnight case
Holds cross stitch items & supplies.
Use to keep dog & cat toys in
Holds a set of sheets in the bedroom
Rolled up towels and toiletries in the guest bathroom
Carry a standard crock pot with spoons and hot pads tucked in beside
A potluck basket - put the plates and tableware under the riser and the carry in dish on top
Stores hats, scarves, gloves and mittens
On top of upper kitchen cabinet as storage for rarely used utensils
Portable baby changing area (diapers, wipes, A&D, etc)
Carry toys or books for child in car
Store towels and washcloths in linen closet

Holds It All Ideas

Pantry – Ideal for storing large bags of dog food
Laundry Room – Teach your family to sort their own laundry
Craft Room – Manage your holiday and special occasion wrapping paper
Back Porch – The ultimate sports equipment organizer
Any Room – Perfect as a side table, just add a glass tabletop

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