Saturday, August 21, 2010

My List Update

If you remember back in April, I made a To Do List. I wanted to accomplish several things this past Spring and during the Summer. Lets see what I was able to accomplish so far and what I better get moving on…
My List:
1. Start exercising regularly. (I have done a TON of yard work…does that count?)
2. Sew some things for my home, myself, and my family. (I am working on a couple of projects as I write this. I will follow up on this with a future blog showing you a couple of my fun projects.)
3. Have my sewing machine "tuned up" so sewing will be less of a chore. (NO! I have to keep this on the To Do list.)
4. Visit family more often. (I was able to reconnect with many relatives I have not seen in years at my daughter’s Graduation Party a couple of weeks ago.  It was so much fun, and I promise to see family more often in the future)
5. Plant my veggie garden and actually "tend" it! (YES!!!!! I had a very successful garden this year, thanks to my boys. I will also share more about my garden in the next blog post)
6. Preserve some of the bounty of my garden. (So far I have made and frozen salsa…more to come)
7. Plant a wildflower garden in the "way-back" of the yard. (This is one thing I regret to say, I have not made progress on. I wish I could, but the mosquitos this summer have made going in the “way back” yard nearly impossible.)
8. Learn to take better photos. (Again, I have made no progress with this…I am keeping this on the To Do list and will work more on it in the Fall)
9. Brush up on my Spanish. (Sadly, No. My boys and I will have to attempt to converse more en Espanol)
10. Be more organized! (Yes and No…This is a constant battle. In a small home, you tend to clean up one area, and the stuff seems to get shuffled to another area, which then requires the same attention. A vicious on going battle)
11. Spend "quality" time with my family. (YES!!!! This summer our family was able to spend some quality time together. While our annual summer vacation did get cancelled due to other financial obligations….daughter going to college, we were able to spend some time working on projects together…ie: garden!)
Most of the items on my list are enjoyable to me. A few are more or less ambitions. I guess the theme of my list is to live my life simpler. (if that is a word) Instead of buying everything, I would like to be more self sufficient in my own home.  -(This too has been a growing experience. I have enjoyed the time I have been able to spend at home instead of going out and spending money unnecessarily. The kids have been a huge help working towards simplifying our lives and pulling their weight helping around the house and yard.)


  1. I can help you with taking better photo.....

  2. I think I may take you up on that!